About Futsal

Futsal is a fun, fast and exciting form of five player a side football (soccer) that is excellent for developing a wide range of skills for both indoor and outdoor soccer.

What makes the futsal we play so great, is that it is true futsal played according to the FIFA rules of play and under the governance of Football Federation Australia (FFA) through Football Queensland Futsal (FQF).

We use quality indoor venues with low impact surfaces (eg. timber floors) that are safer than concrete based surfaces and not prone to wet wether cancellations from summer storms as are outdoor venues Futsal is played with a smaller weighted low bounce ball which is designed to be kept low and hence encourages players to rely on skill to pass, move and kick the ball rather than rebounding it off nets.

Being a fast paced game played on a smaller field, Futsal encourages players to develop quick reflexes, faster thinking and the ability to rapidly switch between attack and defensive play. Players develop accurate passing, first touch, use of space, communication and team work which are vital skills needed to play possession football Futsal is a complete skill game that effectively develops the overall fundamentals of football – both 5 a side indoor and 11 a side outdoor, and above all it is tremendous fun.

Why play Futsal

Futsal is excellent for players to develop their skills and keep enjoying football, however there are no quality indoor soccer comps in Ipswich endorsed by the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) and playing the FIFA rules of play. Ipswich Futsal is an FFA accredited club under the governance of Football Queensland (FQ). We are a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to promoting and developing football in the Ipswich region for the benefit of the players., with the profits we make being fed back into the club to benefit the players.

Our comps will be held in quality indoor venues on low impact surfaces (eg timber floors) which are far safer then concrete based fields and not subject to wet weather cancellations which can be frequent in summer. We play without nets and in accordance with FIFA rules to ensure players get maximum skill development and enjoyment out of fun, fast and exciting game of football



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