Winter Comp

Winter Comp (Seniors & Youth): April to September

The 2018 Winter Comp is an Open Seniors and Youth comp for players born in 2002 or earlier.  Senior and Youth comps are social comps with no gender restrictions; it is open to male & female players, with comps graded on team’s skill & physical ability.  Youth and Senior comps may be combined if this results in the best balance of teams within a comp.



April - September 2018

Match Nights & Times:

To be condirmed
 Nominate your preferred night or nights of play. The more flexibility you have the more even the comps will be


Tell a Friend – Come and Play Futsal!

Upload these to your Social Media sites and give a copy to your friends, neighbours, school mates, work colleagues … anyone you know who would enjoy playing this wonderful game.

Play Futsal Flyer
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